Washer Won’t Spin Here’s What Causes It
Washer Won't Spin

It’s the end of the week, and clothes have been piled up, waiting to be washed. Unfortunately, your washer won’t spin. There is nothing worse than this problem, knowing that you need your clothes, especially your uniforms for the upcoming week for work. So, what are the following reasons or causes why it happens?

The Followings Below Are What Causes It:

Overstuffed Washer’s Drum : When you overload your washer, you put extra work on your appliance because everything inside is overcrowded, causing your clothes not freely moving to get evenly clean. Also, an excessive huge load will affect your washer’s bearing, which could cause appliance failure.

Unbalanced Load : It happens when your washer cannot spread out the load clothing properly. Sometimes the load clothing can settle on one side of your washer’s drum, throwing off the motion of your washer constantly. Often, this happens because larger and heavier items like comforters and coats are loaded within your washer’s drum.

Faulty Washer’s Lid Switch :Washers like a top loader have a specific device called a lid switch that works as a signal or indicator of when to proceed to the next cycle. If the lid switch becomes faulty, it simply stops spinning for safety reasons.

Defective Washer Motor : Even when your washer works just fine, a problem with the spin cycle might be caused by your washer motor. The motor’s spin mode can burn out even as the spinning cycle continues to work correctly.

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