What Are The Common Refrigerator Noises Means and What to Do About It
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Refrigerators are one of the quietest appliances in the home when they are not broken or damaged. It can be more troublesome when they are producing so much noise. When it happens, contact your appliance repair company immediately before it turns into worse. Or read this article what each of the noises may mean to your refrigerator.

Refrigerator Clicking Noise

When a refrigerator is producing a clicking noise, the water inlet valve opening is dispensing water to the ice maker. If the noise repeats, it may seem alarming but nothing serious. It may be the fridge is starting to cool other parts.

Rattling Sounds 

If the rattling sounds coming from the bottom of your refrigerator, then you are likely dealing with the drain pan moving back and forth as your fridge operates. The water line requires your drain pan to be fixed to prevent it from moving.

Dripping Noise

The dripping noises indicate a leak within the defrost system when the noise comes from the inside of the compartment of your refrigerator. Preferably, your defrost system manages any melting point by whipping it away. If it is making dripping noise, it means something has gone wrong.

If ever you hear a noise coming from your refrigerator, call Bestway Appliance Repair to get some advice on the matter or request for a service repair.

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