Steps on How to Deep Clean Your Washer and Dryer
Washer and Dryer

All of us want to keep our washer and dryer for any significant amount of time, that’s why we must maintain them. It means that whenever you encounter some issues, you give an expert technician a call for washer and dryer repair that you need. It also means that you need to regularly clean up your laundry appliances so they can perform at their best for as long as possible.

How to Clean a Washer?

If you use your washer frequently, it’s best for you to deep clean it once a month; otherwise, once every couple of months is enough.

Here is a low-cost and effective way to deep clean a washer:

  1. Make sure to empty your washer. Add two (2) cups of baking powder into the washer drum with hot water, then run a long cycle.
  2. Next, add two (2) cups of vinegar along with ten drops of your essential oil, especially tea tree oil because it has antifungal properties. Then, run another cycle.
  3. After the second cycle, you wipe down the drum and agitator with a microfiber cloth and more vinegar. If you notice some stains, you get baking soda and vinegar to make a paste, and then scrub it.
  4. If you own a front-load washer, make sure to clean its rubber gasket as well. You also make sure to wipe down with vinegar and essential oil.
  5. For the exterior part of your washer, you start by cleaning the door with a solution of vinegar and water with a microfiber cloth. If you notice very dirty areas, you need to pre soak them in an all-purpose cleaner, and scrub them using a toothbrush. If your dispensing tray is filthy, try to soak it, then wipe it clean.

How to Clean a Dryer?

How frequently you use your dryer, you can clean a dryer twice in a year. You keep in mind that dryers are created differently, so it’s best to read the manual before trying to clean the dryer.

  1. You unplug your dryer first before cleaning.
  2. Make sure to empty the lint trap.
  3. You need to remove the discharge hose from the back of your appliance and shake out the debris.
  4. After the third step, you remove the back panel. Vacuum up the excess lint ( by doing that, you attach the brush of your vacuum).
  5. You have to vacuum your lint trap. If possible, remove part of the lint trap to collect all the excess dirt or dust.
  6. Next, you have to start vacuuming the drum for any lint that was left behind.
  7. Lastly, you make sure to wipe down the drum with an all-purpose cleaner and microfiber cloth. You also make sure to put all back together any panels or hoses you removed.

Always remember that no matter how clean your washer and dryer, it’s inevitable that they will need a service from an expert at some point. If you need a washer and dryer repair, our team at Bestway Appliance Repair would be happy to serve you with. You have nothing to worry about our team because we can also provide you an exceptional refrigerator repair, oven repair, cooktop repair, and any other appliance repair services. Save any of your home appliances by hiring our team today!

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